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Benny Awards

The Bobby Award - Who Improved The Most This Year?

New this year, we give you the Bobby Award, with five excellent nominees. Should Chris Pontius win upon becoming one of the best overall players in MLS, or is one of United's defenders more deserving?

The Donnety: Vote For The Biggest Disappointment

Following such a successful season, it's hard to find four players that disappointed us. As such, one of the nominees for the Donnety Award might surprise you.

Nick DeLeon Wins The Andy. But we're still voting

We don't even need to bother voting for this year's top rookie. Nick DeLeon would win by a mile. So let's vote for something else instead.

Benny Award 2: The Nelly

Maicon Santos was tied for the second in goals for United in the 2012 season, but can he top Hamdi Salihi, Emiliano Dudar, or Lionard Pajoy for this award?

Benny Award 1: The Richie

Who is the most underrated player on D.C. United's roster?

Re-Introducing The Benny Awards

Who was United's best newcomer? Best leader? Biggest story? You can vote for all those superlatives and more over the next several weeks in the Benny Awards.

Benny Award 9: The Etchy

2010 was a terrible season for D.C. United, but that doesn't mean that they didn't have a few players eligible for an MVP award.

Benny Award 8: The Popie

Can Dejan Jakovic defend his title? Vote now for D.C. United's defender of the year.

Benny Award 7: The Harkesy

Benny Award 6: The Freddy

It's time now to vote for the Benny Award inspired by Freddy Adu. Who was the biggest D.C. United story this year?

Benny Award 5: The Esky

Inspired by Alecko Eskandarian, this award is for the fan favorite of D.C. United in 2010.

Benny Award 4: The Donnety

Vote now for the biggest disappointment of the 2010 DCU season. Benny Award 4: The Donnety

Benny Award 3: The Andy

Normally its the Convey Award that we present to D.C. United's rookie of the year.From now on, that Award will be known as The Andy.

Benny Award 2: The Nelly

Voting may be over for the 2010 elections, but its just beginning for the Nelly Award! Vote now for best newcomer on D.C. United.


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