Here we go again, A little rivalry action!

Once more into the breach!

D.C United face off once more against despised foes the New Jersey Red Bull. An ancient rivalry mostly forgotten by the rest of the league (for good reason honestly).

What once was a primer matchup of two colossus of the league has turned into a back alley knife fight between two foes battling it out for scrapes. However with this weekends matchup we might see this rivalry get back on track! As both teams are rocking new managers, and are looking to spring over the line to be back in the top half of the eastern conference.

Both teams have renewed optimism and renewed passion that things may be turning around. However with both teams facing less than desirable results the last two matches (DC 1 draw 1 loss, NY 2 draws) both teams will be hungry for a win. Things will definitely be difficult for united this week as they are missing a few engines, but hopefully with some inspired performances by the young guns paired with another OH MY GOD! IS THAT ANDY NAJAR! game will propel the black and red to a victory!

Prediction for the match. A high Energy affair that sees United winning 4-2 over New Jersey.

United will need all the momentum they can muster to counteract any potential Lucho Revenge energy in next weeks matchup against Cincinnati.

In the comments below give any thoughts on the rivalry! Where its been, where its going, where its at. OR Is this a must win game for a second half stretch. I swear I'll get better about responding to comments lol.

Final sidebar would love to hear some thoughts on the profile of player United should bring in during the window!