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Re-Introducing The Benny Awards

Who was United's best newcomer? Best leader? Biggest story? You can vote for all those superlatives and more over the next several weeks in the Benny Awards.

2012 was a fun season to be a D.C. United fan. And yet our little blog has managed to get all serious and stuff this offseason so far. What's up with that? We've been spending all of our time saying goodbye to familiar front office faces, sweating the possible departure of our most prized possession, analyzing hypotheticals, and wondering what might happen if D.C. United became something else entirely.

So let's do something different. Let's have a little fun.

If you've been with us since the beginning, then you may have heard of something called the Benny Awards - our annual superlatives to recognize United's current players in different categories that are named after mostly former players. We gave the Bennies a break last year, but check this Section to see our winners from 2008, 2009, and 2010.

Over the next several weeks, we'll give you four nominees and hold voting for each of the following:

1. The Richie Award - Presented to the most underrated player.
2. The Nelly Award - Presented to the best newcomer.
3. The Andy Award - Presented to United's rookie of the year.
4. The Donnety Award - Presented to the team's biggest disappointment.
5. The Esky Award - Presented to the fan favorite.
6. The Freddy Award - Presented to the biggest story.
7. The Harkesy Award - Presented to the best leader.
8. The Popie Award - Presented to the team's defender of the year.
9. The Etchy Award - Presented to the team's MVP.
10. The Benny Award - Presented to the highest rated player (not always the same).

We'll get it all started tomorrow night, so stay tuned as we have some fun.