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D.C. United Stadium News

DCU using Virginia as a stadium bargaining chip

In what is probably a negotiating tactic, D.C. United has talked with Virginia officials about a stadium there.

Hearing on stadium site road closures on June 9

All progress towards the stadium is good progress.

District expects DCU stadium to open in 2018

The District believes that D.C. United's new stadium will open a season later than hoped.

Council clearing way for stadium land acquisition

The DC Council is clearing the way for the land acquisition for D.C. United's new stadium at Buzzard Point.

Opinion: Some ideas to boost DCU attendance (pt 2)

The next installment of a look at how the trends point to United needing to do more than just wait for the new stadium to boost attendance.

Featured Fanshot

D.C. United co-owner wants bouncing stands at Buzzard Point

Will Chang, the longest-tenured of D.C. United's owners, told Eric Fisher of the Sports Business Journal something that every fan of D.C. United wants to hear: He wants to bring bouncing stands to the new stadium at Buzzard Point. Make it so, Will.

Opinion: What's up with DCU attendance? (part 1)

How does United's attendance stack up against the rest of the league?

DCU and hospitality workers announce deal

Mayor Muriel Bowser, D.C. United, and UNITE HERE Local 25 jointly announced a labor peace agreement for the Buzzard Point stadium and hotel.

DCU stadium to focus on beer and interactive exp.?

D.C. United COO Tom Hunt talked with Washington Business Journal about Sunderland and the new D.C. United stadium at Buzzard Point.

D.C. United fans take Buzzard Point

In celebration of the Soccer Stadium Act becoming law, a group of D.C. United fans met at Buzzard Point to toast the future stadium and scope out the stadium site.

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Celebrating at Buzzard Point Before the Shovels

Some D.C. United fans (including our own Donald Wine and Adam Taylor) celebrating D.C. United's future home at Buzzard Point because why wait for shovels? Thanks to @SE_Road_Trips for the video.

What do we want in the Buzzard Point stadium?

Now that the D.C. Council has approved and the (now former) mayor has signed the soccer stadium bills into law, let's start counting some eggs and asking what it is we want the new building on Buzzard Point to look like.

Vince Gray signs D.C. United stadium bills

The D.C. United stadium bills have been signed by Mayor Vincent Gray, leaving only land acquisition, site preperation, and groundbreaking.

Filibuster: The all D.C. United stadium edition

It is the biggest news in D.C. United's history, so all we're doing is talking about the D.C. United stadium at Buzzard Point.

After the Perfect Storm: A New D.C. United Stadium

After years of waiting, it took a perfect storm of support from the DC United, politicians, businesses, supporters and residents of Washington, DC to make possible the approval of a new soccer stadium at Buzzard Point.

Home at last: DC United stadium bill passes

Phil Mendelson, Muriel Bowser, and the DC Council approved the plan for D.C. United's stadium on Buzzard Point, ending a ten year search for a site.

3 separate votes on the DCU stadium plan tmrw

We walk you through exactly what is going to happen at tomorrow's meeting of the D.C. Council.

DC Mayor and Council agree on DCU stadium funding

The biggest question left pending in last week's stadium hearing has been answered, moving D.C. United's stadium effort closer than ever to fruition.

Assessing DC's Investment in Buzzard Point Land

How much will the land owned by the District at Buzzard Point appreciate due to D.C. United investment in the stadium? We ran the numbers.

DCU stadium funding and first reading pass Council

The second and third proposed votes today on D.C. United's new stadium both passed.

Committee of the Whole passes DCU stadium deal

In its first-ever vote before all the members of DC Council, the D.C. United stadium bill passes.

DC to borrow $70M; tax abatements out

The D.C. United stadium deal seems closer than ever to passage, but big changes are being made at the last moments.

Amended Stadium Act passes Economic Dev. Committee

Doug Barnes and David Rusk attended the Committee markup sessions on the DC United Stadium Act. Today two Committees unanimously voted to approve an amended Stadium Act, clearing the path for further hearings within the next several weeks.

Gov't Ops Committee unanimously passes DCU stadium

Kenyan McDuffie's Government Operations Committee unanimously passed the D.C. United stadium bill, with a few big changes.

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Muriel Bowser to present her new D.C. United stadium plan at tomorrow's Government Operations committee meeting

Tomorrow at 12:30 PM, the Government Operations committee of the DC Council will meet; on its agenda is bill B20-805, the District of Columbia Soccer Stadium Development Act of 2014. This will be the first chance for anyone to see what Bowser has in mind for her version of the stadium bill, and is a good sign for its prospects if the bill gets out of committee tomorrow. We will have a recap after the changes are out, but let us know if you're going to be at the meeting tomorrow!

Bowser "very optimistic" on new stadium deal

Muriel Bowser talks about the D.C. United stadium plan and her commitment to a deal.

Bowser to take Reeves swap out of DCU stadium deal

Muriel Bowser, soon to be inaugurated as D.C. mayor, has announced her intention to take the Reeves Center land swap out of the proposed D.C. United stadium plan.

DCU fans testify in favor of Buzzard Point

Last week, the D.C. Council held a roundtable to hear public testimony about the proposed Buzzard Point soccer stadium plan. D.C. United fans who live in the District and support the deal turned out in force to make their case.

DC Council committee votes for tax abatements

In what may be the first ever vote by the DC Council on any proposed D.C. United stadium plan, a small piece passes.

Reponding to the 'Rethink'ing

One of the interviewees on the Washington Post article from Monday gets the chance to speak for himself.

What's in DC United Stadium Benefit Cost Report

The 400 page Cost-Benefit Analysis of DC United Stadium is 400 out and it confirms that the stadium will provide substantial benefits to Washington DC . Don't want to read a 400 page report? Read this post.

Stadium roundup: upfront costs, long-term benefit

With a day to digest the contents of the D.C. United stadium plan report, the deal is balanced between upfront costs and long-term benefits.


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