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Muriel Bowser "very optimistic" on getting D.C. United stadium deal done by January

Muriel Bowser talks about the D.C. United stadium plan and her commitment to a deal.

DC United

Muriel Bowser went on NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt to talk about a whole slew of issues, and one of the first issues brought up was the proposed D.C. United soccer stadium at Buzzard Point. In it she said that she was very optimistic about getting a deal done, that she is committed to D.C. United and soccer in Washington, and that she is committed to using public funds to help with that process. She told DePuyt that she hopes to have legislation in front of her Economic Development committee early next week. She does not want this to drag into January, as it will create "more uncertainty."

On the other side of the deal, Akridge president Matt Klein had these thoughts:

D.C. United fans have been burned by rhetoric from politicians all over the Washington metropolitan area for years, so healthy skepticism is almost a birth rite. And there are still no specifics about how the new deal would work. On the other hand, Bowser would not want to waste political capital by announcing that she would get the stadium deal done before January if she didn't think that she could do it. If she fails with negotiating with Akridge it may throw off her relationship other potential developers with whom she will have to interact and it will start her administration off on a bad note. Also, Bowser and Phil Mendelson have both publicly said that they are committed to a soccer stadium, so there are the mechanisms there to get things done quickly.

It will be an interesting month, with more ups and downs likely every day. We shall see where we all end up once the music stops.