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Muriel Bowser to take Reeves Center land swap out of D.C. United stadium deal, no immediate news on replacement

Muriel Bowser, soon to be inaugurated as D.C. mayor, has announced her intention to take the Reeves Center land swap out of the proposed D.C. United stadium plan.

JBrazito on flickr

Muriel Bowser, who will take over as mayor from Vincent Gray at the beginning of next year, announced this evening that she will move to take the Reeves Center land swap out of the proposed D.C. United stadium plan, leaving the entire process for acquiring the land in doubt. The Reeves Center land swap would have given that building and the land upon which it sits to Akridge in exchange for their parcel that contains much of the proposed stadium site. Critics of the deal said that District was undervaluing the Reeves Center and could get more money from an auction, which would take years to happen.

In addition, there are no immediate details about alternative funding prospects from the District for the acquisition of the land upon which the stadium would sit. Reports earlier this week suggested that the District could fit a $15-$17 million payment per year to Akridge and the other landowners under the city's debt cap, but they would have to make room for that budget against other competing interests.

It is hard to see the deal actually passing at this point, because Akridge has no reason now to sell their plot to the city without a substantial increase in the asking price. We will have to wait and see if Bowser has an actual plan B, or if this is her way of completely killing the deal.