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DC Council votes for the first time on the proposed D.C. United stadium

In what may be the first ever vote by the DC Council on any proposed D.C. United stadium plan, a small piece passes.

In the grand scheme of things, it is a very minor thing that can still be changed or rendered moot. But as far as I can tell, today's 2-0-1 vote in the Finance and Revenue Committee of the DC Council was the first ever vote on anything directly related to a D.C. United stadium by any part of the DC Council. Two stadium proponents, Jack Evans and David Grosso, voted yes, while Council Chairman Phil Mendelson voted present. Three other members of the committee - Marion Barry, Muriel Boswer, and David Catania - were all absent from this vote.

This is the first of four committees that must look at various pieces of the overall stadium deal and give their approval, all before it moves onto the full Council to give its final approval. This first vote was on the property and sales tax abatements that D.C. United will receive as a part of the stadium deal, although there are still bigger votes coming from the Government Operations Committee and the Economic Development Committee. There are still plenty of hurdles and pitfalls to go, with plenty of possibilities for failure, but each step forward is the closest that United has ever been to a stadium of their own. There is a roundtable tonight at 6:00 PM, so attend if you want to have your voice heard in this process.