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DC Council to hold public hearing on road closures for D.C. United stadium site

All progress towards the stadium is good progress.

Stephen Whiting

Other than here on Black and Red United, the D.C. Register is the best place to find updates on the progress being made towards the Buzzard Point stadium, which continues at a slow but steady pace. On Tuesday, 9 June 2015, the DC Council's Committee of the Whole will hold a public hearing on the closure of the streets that are a part of the D.C. United stadium footprint.

The public hearing is a required formality, and after it the Council will move forward with the regular passage of the bill. The National Capital Planning Commission and the DC Historic Preservation Review Board have both signed off on the closing of these roads. Comments can be submitted in writing for the meeting, or people can go to the hearing in person and testify before the Committee of the Whole.

Since the stadium deal as a whole has already passed unanimously, it seems highly unlikely that there would be anything but the same for all the pieces that come thereafter. As always, however, it is good to see progress continuing and things getting done.