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D.C. Stadium funding and Stadium Act first reading pass DC Council

The second and third proposed votes today on D.C. United's new stadium both passed.

In a slight re-ordering, the DC Council decided to take up the funding bill for the D.C. United stadium, which is separate from the authorization itself, before the regular Council meeting. In the discussion, Council Chairman Phil Mendelson got rather irate at Mayor Vince Gray, saying that he was trying to force the mayor's hand in fully funding the D.C. United stadium and not making the approval "subject to appropriation." The council's general counsel argued forcefully that the funding approval was properly before the council in two different ways, despite the objections of the mayor and the D.C. Attorney General. After some discussion about the need for this bill and the additions to it, it passed the council unanimously, with Muriel Bowser voting present.

The council then moved quickly into their full legislative session, with the D.C. United stadium plan a part of the consent agenda. That meant that, along with dozens of other bills, it was approved en masse by a unanimous voice vote of the council. It is now on the agenda for its second reading, which will come at the December 16 meeting. Since all three votes today passed without a no vote, I hope for easy passage at the second reading. There are still the possible problems with the mayor and with the land acquisition, but today the DC Council fully funded their part of the D.C. United stadium, and that feels good.