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DC government anticipates United stadium opening later than expected

The District believes that D.C. United's new stadium will open a season later than hoped.

A couple of weeks ago, the D.C. government submitted an application to cleanup the land upon which D.C. United's stadium will be built. This is part of the District's obligations, to mediate the various chemicals that have been used on the stadium site, particularly at the PEPCO substation and the Super Salvage site. The application states that PCBs were likely used at the substation and that further investigation will need to be done to determine the amount of cleanup needed at Super Salvage.

But, the most interesting tidbit is found at the end of the application, in the description of the planned use of the site:

The proposed stadium with host Major League Soccer event with seating capacity of about 20,000 spec tators. The stadium will also provide commercial space for vendors and concessions, and offices. Expected opening date is spring 2018.

The team had been pushing for 2017, but with the slippage in time that always seemed unlikely without a long road trip to start the season. As many teams have proved, including Toronto FC this year, the 7 to 10 game road trip to begin a season puts a team at a competitive disadvantage. One more season at RFK Stadium would be unfortunate, but I would prefer to open the new building in style in March 2018 than to opening it in the middle of a season.

UPDATE: In further stadium news, the District has also begun the process of closing the streets that would be a part of the stadium, with the Historic Preservation Review Board approving the closure of said streets. Progress marches ever forward.