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Filibuster podcast episode 112: The all D.C. United stadium episode

On tap tonight; Cook's, Korbel Brut, and unknown champagne

Filibuster is back for your holiday travel listening needs! It is an all stadium episode, because we just had to dedicate an entire show to the biggest news in D.C. United's history. We talk about the vote itself, whether or not we expected it to be unanimous, and when we are all going to run out to Buzzard Point with our tools and bricks to just start building. We also talk about the road that lead D.C. United here, including Poplar Point and Prince George's County, and how this ended being probably the best possible location that United could have ever gotten (and therefore worth the wait).

We talk about two key figures in the history of the stadium deal, Muriel Bowser and Kevin Payne, before moving onto the building itself and what we want to see in a new stadium. Finally, we talk about Brian Straus' article about the history of the stadium deal, and talk about whether or not we want to see United update their brand as they enter their new home. This is probably our last episode for 2014, so give it a listen!

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Our theme song is Pocket, by Beau Finley, used with permission.