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Vincent Gray signs D.C. United stadium bills

The D.C. United stadium bills have been signed by Mayor Vincent Gray, leaving only land acquisition, site preperation, and groundbreaking.

Today, in the final step of the legislative process, Mayor Vincent Gray signed the D.C. United stadium bills, which include the authorization for the land acquisition and the financing to complete the process. These bills are some of the last that Gray will sign during his term as mayor, and it gives him a signature economic development win for his tenure (though Muriel Bowser can also lay claim to the deal).

The signing of the bills allows the Mayor's office to move forward with the acquisition of the land, especially the Akridge plot, which is the main hurdle left. After that, environmental remediation is required before groundbreaking can occur. This bill signing was totally expected, of course, but it takes the team one step closer to the ultimate goal. There has been silence from Akridge since the Council vote happened, so let's hope that they are deeply embroiled in negotiations which will soon lead to a resolution.