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GameThread: New England Revolution at DC United

In their home opener, DC United looks to rebound from last week's embarassing 4-0 loss to the Wizards, and begin their journey up towards the top of the table where they belong.  As you've already read in our Scouting Report earlier this morning, the Revolution will be missing multiple starters, which should give United a good shot at leading the battle for possession and hopefully adding a few goals.

Game time: 7:30pm EST

Television: DirectKick only, MatchDay Live, and

Stadium Info: Get your tickets at the RFK box office.  Pregame festivities include a concert from DC hip hop artist Wale, and of course the legendary Barra Brava and Screaming Eagles tailgates.

Starting Lineup:

Talley Jakovic Pena Wallace
Barklage Castillo
Pontius Moreno


Last minute thoughts:  Last week I gave you a final word of warning to temper your expectations.  That was because I was a bit skeptical about our defense starting Rodney Wallace at left back for his first time ever as a pro, starting Clyde Simms at right back for the first time in a few years, and starting Carey Talley at center back in only his second day with the club.

Well none of those reservations hold true this week.  We're all counting on newly acquired Bolivian veteran Juan Manuel Pena to bring calm leadership to the back, and with both Julius James and Carey Talley training with the team for a full week (rather than James sitting out with illness and Talley just stepping off the plane last week), either option on the right should be an upgrade over the dismal display we witnessed in Kansas City.

So I have no reason this week to discourage you from wearing your black and red while singing with your windows down all the way to Lot 8: Vamos United!

Enjoy the great weather and great atmosphere at RFK.  Or if you can't make it out, then this is your place for any and all pre-game, in-game, and post-game thoughts.