SuperDraft SuperConjecture SuperFuntime!

Building on Chest's channeling of Professor Trelawney, comes this from OregonLive's Geoffrey Arnold: Darlington Nagbe might not want to play in the Great White North. Or at least not in Vancouver.

Obviously, this leads to speculation - supported by talk last week that they were open to the idea - that the Whitecaps might look to trade the pick. Obviously, the good writers here at B&RU have already considered what DC might give to get at that top spot, and they've gone in depth at who to take at United's current #3 draft slot.

But what if we could have our Charm City Cake and eat it too? Assume that United trades some player or future draft pick or money or something else to Vancouver in exchange for the #1 pick on Thursday; and further assume that whatever United gives up, the FO somehow manages to hold onto the third pick.

So now we get to play with two picks in the top three. My questions to you, good people of the Internet:

  1. Who do you take #1? Please limit your responses to "Nagbe" and "Kitchen" for the sake of realism.
  2. Who do you think Portland takes at #2?
  3. Who do you take #3?

Me? I go Kitchen first. He seems like the best talent in the draft, and I don't like drafting for need, at least not in soccer. There's also the off-chance that Portland goes with Valentin or another non-forward with the second pick, creating the almost incomprehensible scenario of one team drafting both Kitchen and Nagbe. Of course, that team happens to be our Boys in Black.
(And for those curious: Yes, this entire FanPost is an exercise in getting too excited over the draft and pretending that the best case scenario is at all likely. Improbable? Definitely. Unfeasible? Quite possibly. Humor me.)