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Charlie Davies Heading To D.C. United?

If you were looking for major news out of MLS today, you got it. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the conference call this morning announcing the 2011 MLS All-Star Game in Red Bull Arena.

Steven Goff of the Washington Post is reporting that U.S. forward and national treasure Charlie Davies could be joining MLS on a one-year loan deal, and with D.C. United currently sitting at the top of the Allocation List , D.C. would be his destination. Although its not quite guaranteed that MLS is where Davies will go, Goff believes that a decision will be reached within the next 24-48 hours.

Lyle Yorks, Davies' agent, said that "we're in discussions for a loan possibility" but declined to identify a club or country. Although the international transfer window closed Monday in most of Europe, it does not prevent clubs from loaning or transferring talent to leagues that have open windows. MLS's acquisition period does not end until April 15. Some Scandinavian countries are also able to acquire players. Before moving to Sochaux, Davies played for Hammarby in Sweden.

Some have noted that there would still be some hurdles to be crossed. MLS has a requirement that any loan deal must include an option to buy. Would Davies’ current club Sochaux go for that? Its not like Davies has been playing in anything other than a reserve team role. Or would MLS bend the rules slightly to allow this blockbuster move to happen? This wouldn’t be the first time that MLS has bent its own rules.

This could be a great move for everyone involved. United gets the forward that the club has been sorely missing. They’d be solving the weakest link on the roster, and would have to be considered the most improved club in all of MLS going into the 2011 season. Davies would be arriving in a place where he would be embraced and where he could enter the starting lineup immediately. And Sochaux would be unloading the salary of a player who they probably don’t expect to contribute in 2011.

Obviously there are risks as well. Davies might not be the scorer that he was prior to his accident, and might not be worth the money. It would also be a lot of pressure on Davies as he’d likely become the face of the franchise. Although I’m pretty sure that pressure is something he’s handled before.