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How many is too many? (A reprise)

The comments in the earlier FanShot regarding Khumalo's green card reminded me of something I wrote back in 2007.

I idea of this post was that MLS could reach a point where it is too watered down by inferior players who don't truly belong in the country's top league.  This thought could be even more relevant today with MLS increasing the pace of expansion by adding two clubs in 2011, and at least one more in 2012.

Has the league actually been watered down though?

Well you could look at LA and Columbus and say no.  This Galaxy team is playing as well right now as any team in MLS history.

But then you could look at Philadelphia and DC and say yes.  Each team has players starting who would probably be better suited for the NASL, and would probably not be playing in this league if there were 2 or 3 fewer teams.

So then... With 19 teams in the mix... How many is too many?