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D.C. United Reports From Training Camp

Santino Quaranta has been demonstrating that he's got what it takes be captain of this team.
Santino Quaranta has been demonstrating that he's got what it takes be captain of this team.

Its been a very exciting and newsworthy second week of training camp for DC United. Fortunately for the players, they've been able to get out and kick the ball around in sunny Ft. Lauderdale, rather than needing their coach to shovel snow off the RFK Auxiliary Field like last year.

Here are some notable stories from some of the talented writers who cover the team over the past several days:

  • Here's a story from Brian Straus of AOL Fanhouse detailing why false Honduran media reports could actually scare Andy Najar away from playing for that country's national team. Straus hypothesizes that the lack of soccer fanaticism in the U.S. could actually steer Najar towards wearing the red, white, and blue.
  • I meant to link this earlier in the week, but Steve Goff of the Washington Post provides us with an update on Santino Quaranta and his battles with addiction. We can see how training camp would be a difficult time for Quaranta, but it sounds like he's fully aware of the consequences and is coming in prepared. Can't help but be proud of him.
  • Lots of great stuff on related to Charlie Davies. In this interview with Alex Caulfield, Davies speaks about his excitement to return to the playing field, his good fortune to be joining a team full of young players, and his thrill to be coming to the place where he received so much love following his accident. There's also an interview with Ben Olsen posted on the site where he comes really close to using the word rebuilding.
  • Travis Clark of details the three unsigned rookies in training camp for United - Chris Korb, Joe Willis, and Blake Brettschneider. It may be too soon to tell on the other two, but Korb definitely looks to be in good position to make the roster.
  • An analytic analysis from our friend Michael Hund of Fullback Files shirt color distribution in MLS, in reaction to United's unveiling of their third jersey. Complete with charts and graphs. Woah!
  • And finally, United will be holding a media conference call with Olsen and Davies tomorrow afternoon, and barring any unforeseen fires at the office, I plan on being on it. What would be the best question you'd like to hear asked of either individual?