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Charlie Davies Participates In D.C. United Intra-Squad Scrimmage

D.C. United played the closest thing to a competitive match of 2011 yesterday. And even though it was only his second day practicing with the team, Charlie Davies played all 60 minutes of the intra-squad scrimmage. Here's the video, via

Some quick notes in reaction to the video and the corresponding game notes:

  • Perry Kitchen played as a center back in both halves, as apparently did Rodrigo Brasesco.
  • Chris Korb played one half on the right and one on the left. He served up an assist to Branko Boskovic, who interestingly enough was playing left midfield.
  • Yang Men looked active and might actually have a shot at making the team. He's shown in the video beating Jed Zayner for a shot on target.
  • Steve Cronin appeared to have a really poor match. Even though he's not healthy, Bill Hamid remains the favorite to be United's starting goalkeeper in 2011.
  • It would be stupid to read too much into a 97 second highlight video, but Charlie Davies looked quick and capable.

Anything else stand out to you?

The club will play two more scrimmages on Monday, with matches against the Canadian U-20 National Team and Florida International University.