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Peace out Milos Kocic

Milos Kocic, via <a href=""></a>
Milos Kocic, via

In a move that will come as a surprise to some, DC United decided to part ways with sophomore goalkeeper Milos Kocic today.

It could be seen as a surprise because he's performed so well in the two scrimmages in Florida this week.  Kocic did not give up a goal this preseason in 90 minutes of action, and was said to have made several great saves.

But at the same time, its not a surprise at all when you look at the players remaining on the roster.  Our last roster update showed as many as 12 players competing for 7 international spots.  It was never really likely that the team would keep Kocic ahead of other more proven players like Julius James and Boyzzz Khumalo.  And with the team adding new international defenders Quiarol Arzu and Jermaine Taylor, the international slots were quickly disappearing.

The biggest story this training camp has been the emergence of Bill Hamid.  This DCU Academy product and Generation Adidas player has received a great deal of praise in game summaries.  Its hard to say whether or not he is better than Kocic right now.  But the team sees Hamid as a potential future starter, and I don't think that's something that they could say about Kocic.

So DC United appears to have their three goalkeepers set, with Troy Perkins ready to return to his MLS Goalkeeper of the Year form, Josh Wicks in position to be one of the best #2 keepers in the league, and Bill Hamid the rising star at #3.

In other news, United also announced today that Arnolyn Guity will not be continuing with the team, which should come as no shock since he failed to see the field in either scrimmage.  But more importantly, Christian Castillo has now arrived to join the team in Bradenton.  Looking forward to see what he has to offer in his first appearance with DC this Saturday.