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Updated United roster, aka The Bradenton Bunch!

DC United resumed training this week in Bradenton, FL after an interesting travel experience.  The team won't have long to get back into shape, because they have a busy schedule of scrimmages, starting tomorrow against the Crew.

After the jump, we'll take a look at the list of players in camp with United, including a few additions and subtractions.


Player Pos S D I Notes
Troy Perkins G 1 Currently with the USMNT in California
Josh Wicks G 2 Might have to start season on injured reserve, which could open up another senior spot temporarily
Milos Kocic G 1 1 Will face even more competition now from Quinn
Bill Hamid G 2 I'm interested to hear how he does against MLS teams in the scrimmages
Andrew Quinn G 3 Brought along just as backup for the scrimmages? Or in competition with Kocic and Wicks?
Bryan Namoff D 3 No news is BAD news in this case. Namoff continues to rehab away from the team
Dejan Jakovic D 4 2 Returns to join the team after starting for Team Canada in a friendly last week
Julius James D 5 3 Definitely could lose his starting spot, but is his roster spot in jeopardy now too with 2 new int'l CBs?
Quiarol Arzu D 6 4 Starting CB for the Honduran Olympic team has long been linked to DCU and finally joins us
Jermaine Taylor D 7 5 Starting CB for the Jamaican national team will need to impress to beat out James and Arzu
Marc Burch D 8 Will need to improve from his 2009 form to keep his starting spot
Rodney Wallace D/M 9 Very curious to see where Onalfo has him playing during the scrimmages
Devon McTavish D/M 10 Potentially in a three-way competition with Vaughn and Graye as Namoff's top backup at RB
Lawson Vaughn D 11 Potentially in a three-way competition with McTavish and Graye as Namoff's top backup at RB
Jordan Graye D 4 Potentially in a three-way competition with McTavish and Vaughn as Namoff's top backup at RB
Lyle Adams D 5 Still awaiting more info about his international status, developmental status, and best position
Clyde Simms M 12 Looks like he won't be needed at CB any time soon with all these new trialists around
Santino Quaranta M/F 13 Hopefully he'll return strong in his first action since a bad injury last year
Christian Castillo M 14 6 Continues to be our biggest offseason acquisition to date
Danny Szetela M 15 Injured his knee while practicing at RFK, and is in rehab in New Jersey
Floribert N'Galula M/D 16 7 Should get an early chance to prove himself thanks to Szetela's injury
Tiyi Shipalane M 17 8 Must be getting nervous as all these new internationals keep walking through the door
Brandon Barklage M 6 Should get an early chance to prove himself thanks to Szetela's injury
John DiRaimondo M 7 The lack of competition on the developmental roster could be a good sign for him
Two-Boys Gumede M/F 8 9 Might be a long shot to make the roster if he doesn't hold a green card
Daniel Wasson M 18 Should get an early chance to prove himself thanks to Szetela's injury
Chris Pontius F/M 19 Currently with the USMNT in California, along with his big new contract
Jaime Moreno F 20 Seems poised to embrace his role as supersub in 2010
Danny Allsopp F 21 10 Maybe United will provide some scrimmage video so we can see these guys for the first time?
Boyzzz Khumalo F/M 22 11 Some think his roster spot is in doubt with all the new foreign acquisitions
Adam Cristman F 23 UVA product who played for Onalfo in Kansas City should be a natural in Curt's system
Arnolyn Guity F 24 12 18-year old Honduran striker probably still gets carded at rated R movies. Is he a dark horse?
Andy Najar F U-16 Academy player gets a chance to run with and learn from the big boys

And so finally we get some competition for the 20 senior roster spots.  It's hard to break down who will be in direct competition for the final spots on the senior roster though because a lot will depend on our internationals.

With the Cristman trade complete, we are left with only 7 international roster spots, and approximately 12 players competing for those positions.  Although this number could be slightly off because we don't know for sure the international status of a couple guys like Khumalo, Shipalane, Gumede, and Adams.  Regardless, there is bound to be some steep competition at center back with Julius James, Quiarol Arzu, and Jermaine Taylor all looking to earn a position next to Dejan Jakovic both on the roster and in the starting lineup.  There's no doubt that at least one of these three players will not make the final roster.

With Jakovic, Castillo, N'Galula, and Allsopp all but guaranteed to make the team, there's a very real possibility that a talented player like Khumalo or Shipalane will not find his way onto the final roster.  And that's without even mentioning the dark horse candidates that might come out of nowhere like Two-Boys Gumede and Arnolyn Guity.

We also still have a bit of competition on the developmental roster.  It's questionable though whether some of the young players like Andrew Quinn and Lyle Adams who have strong resumes will accept developmental dollars.  I think that it's shaping up that we could see our second round draft choice from 2009 Adams competing with our fourth round draft choice from 2010 Jordan Graye for a spot.  Brandon Barklage and John DiRaimondo still look to be in prime position to make this team also unless any other undrafted rookies are brought in.  Kocic versus Quinn?  I'm more of the opinion that Quinn is just here to help fill in during training camp while Wicks and Perkins are away for various reasons, but then again I'm also usually wrong.