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MLS Insider: D.C. United players, like everyone else in the sport, love them some 5v2

From D.C. United to Bayern Munich; from LA Galaxy to AS Roma — every professional team in the world plays a version of the classic keep-away game known as 5v2. Players relish this self-governed warm up drill, and so do their coaches.

D.C. United are finally featured in MLS otherwise outstanding feature MLS Insider. This week's episode is about something I think almost everybody reading this site has played at some point: 5v2 keep-away. Which doesn't actually have to be 5v2 - it's often much more than that: 6v2, 9v2, 12v2 - just so long as there are two unlucky victims to embarrass in the middle.

The video goes through why players like it, why every coach in the world uses it during warm-ups, and its role in enforcing locker room hierarchies. Honestly, there's a lot more depth to this segment than you'd reasonably expect from such a short piece.

So give it a watch, and then let us know in the comments what you think of the classic keep-away variant on soccer.

(Okay, fine, I'll stop distracting you from getting amped for tomorrow at RFK. Go on, focus on that now. Go!)