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D.C. United roster status clarity on international players and homegrown players

Black and Red United has learned some information about the upcoming expansion draft.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We finally have some clarity on the roster status of D.C. United's players, which brings some surprisingly elements to light. The full rules have not been released yet, and the rules' interaction with MLS roster rules may never be fully explained, but some parts have begun to trickle out.

Black and Red United has learned that D.C. United currently only has two international players on the roster: Kyle Porter and Samuel Inkoom. Fabian Espindola had previously received a green card, and it seems as though Nana Attakora has done the same. That means that D.C. United would only have to protect one international player, meaning that Samuel Inkoom will almost definitely be protected and Kyle Porter almost definitely will not be. Ben Olsen will have to make his normal decisions on Espindola and Attakora the same as the rest of the roster, which means that Attakora will also likely be left exposed while Espindola will be protected.

We have also learned, as rumored, that Bill Hamid is on D.C. United's senior roster and therefore D.C. United would have to use one of their 11 protection spots on him, which they obviously will. The rest of the homegrown players (Collin Martin, Michael Seaton, Conor Shanosky, and Jalen Robinson) are all on the supplemental roster and are therefore protected automatically.

We will have a post up for you all later this week to vote on who you would protect in the upcoming expansion draft, but for now you have the most up-to-date information (as far as we know) as to who is where on D.C. United's roster.