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Diversions & Fun

Not everything on B&RU needs to be serious. So let's kick back and have a little fun.

This stream has:

Tales from Buzzard Point: the complete series

A series that explores the rich history and traditions of legendary Buzzard Point – a legacy that the current D.C. United ownership should honor in their plans for naming the new soccer specific stadium.

The Pupusa Stand

Tales from Buzzard Point - Chapter 21: On the Worship of Golden Idols

With David Beckham having taken his talents to... Ft. Lauderdale, we consulted an oracle to ensure the Black-and-Red’s Buzzard Point Curse is in force.

D.C. United’s list of injured players is too long

It’s bad to be missing this many players from your soccer team

Join the B&RU 2020 MLS Playoffs Bracket Challenge!

So D.C. United aren’t involved. We can still gamble for internet bragging rights! The greatest prize!

D.C. United is even more in the MLS playoff hunt than before!

United is looking up at the red line, but they could climb up as far as 9th place this weekend

D.C. United is seriously (no, seriously) in the playoff hunt

Last weekend went unreasonably well for the Black-and-Red

Believe it or not, D.C. United is still in the playoff hunt

No really, we can explain!

Underdog Week: D.C. United and the 2013 U.S. Open Cup

The stats say they were the worst team in MLS history. The history books say they won a trophy.

What if D.C. United’s season weren’t on hold due to coronavirus?

We looked back on the schedule and guessed at what could have been for the Black-and-Red

What D.C. United jersey is your gameday go-to?

We can talk about best or worst, but the real measure is which jersey you put on for matches

The Best of DC’s starting XI could be the best in the country

Seriously, who’s messing with a loaded attack and the fiercest shot-stopper in the game?

MLS should look to Liga MX to solve their Covid-19 schedule problem

The answer to losing half the season to the pandemic lies south of border

A newbie starts playing Football Manager

There’s a new Ben in town

D.C. United vs. No One: Preview + TV/Streaming info

D.C. United isn’t playing FC Cincinnati or anyone else today. How do you beat the concept of nothingness?

D.C. United unveils 2020 home jersey

For their 25th season on the field, United’s new kit is a tribute to the club’s glory days

Craft beer with Common Space Brewery’s Josie Becker, plus D.C. United: Filibuster!

We talk a lot of craft beer in this one

A look back at D.C. United’s last decade

Your friends at B&RU are feeling nostalgic

On soccer, family, life and loss

How changes in life helped me look at soccer differently.

Wazza, Birdbomb, Seitz, go to Masters to watch Tiger win

He took a couple golfing buds/teammates to boot.

DCU vs. LAFC: Staff and reader predictions

Bring it on.

Tales from Buzzard Point - Chapter 18: Defend the Fanwalk

In which a newspaper that totally exists tells us of the totally not made up plot by LAFC fans to deface Buzzard Point and how they’ll certainly be stopped.

VOTE: Which Wazza highlight vs. Orlando was better?

This remains a serious contest; please, no wagering.

VOTE: Which golazo vs. RSL was better?

This is a serious contest, no wagering.

Relive Wazza’s hat trick, you know you want to

D.C. United beat Real Salt Lake 5-0 thanks in part to Rooney’s stunning display

Who should DCU protect in the upcoming expansion draft?

Our picks for who United should protect from the new guys

Tales from Buzzard Point - Chapter 16: Thwarted Arsonists

In 1814, the invading British burned much of Washington. But in one part of the city, D.C. burned back.

D.C. United’s 2013 US Open Cup win still feels miraculous

The team’s last trophy may be one of the best because it shouldn’t have happened.

FIFA 19 ratings for D.C. United revealed

Wayne Rooney checks in at 80, but which player got the biggest boost from last year?

Tales from Buzzard Point - Chapter 15: The Buzzard

Another of our completely factual series of lore that surrounds — and often predates — D.C. United’s new home

Bill Hamid to wear No. 24 jersey in D.C. United return

New Hamid era, new Hamid number

Tales from Buzzard Point - Chapter 13: Renaissance Epic Foretells Orlando’s Doom

The latest in our completely not-fabricated series of well documented historical research into D.C. United’s new home.


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