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Monday Freedom Kicks: A Dispersin's a Comin'

The first non-D.C. United weekend of the offseason has us in an eclectic mood.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Man, things are rough out there in offseason land/international break, boo hiss. Well, let's try and make the best of this:

D.C. Council ponders removing Reeves Center swap from soccer stadium deal - The Washington Post: I mean, I don't know how Akridge would be cool with it. And the City says they can make this work maybe. But anyway, just leaving this here.

Canadian defender Attakora: 'I'm still here' - During Canada's international break, Nana Attakora speaks with Sportsnet. The money shot from the piece, emphasis mine: "Attakora...signed with D.C. (United) in January and ended up missing the entire pre-season training camp after injuring his knee while away with the Canadian national team. He overcame that, only to injure his foot in May, ruling him out for another six weeks. He returned again, but then suffered a concussion in late June. Another comeback, another injury: He tore his quad in September." (wait what?)

Chris Rolfe : The Yards: Everyone's favorite midfielder gets more accustomed to his new digs.

Sean Franklin Wants to Take the Last Penalty Kick - Howler Magazine: Well I can see why the Galaxy liked this guy.

3 things we learned from Colombia's 2-1 win over the USMNT - I mean, DC partner club Sunderland saw Jozy Altidore score a goal over the weekend, but it's the aftermath that's interesting. Witness Matt Doyle's piece.

Jurgen Klinsmann firm on young player advice as MLS frustration grows - ESPN FC: Well, I can see why Don Garber had to rebut some of these comments last month now.

Matt Besler on Sporting KC’s MLS exit; enjoying USA’s trip to London | ProSoccerTalk: Speaking of quietly dropped comments, the floor is yours, Matt Besler: "I will say that the pre-World Cup camp was the toughest camp of my entire life. We were doing three-a-days for a month up until the World Cup."

Premier League wages dwarf those around Europe | Daily Mail Online: Leaving this here for MLS fans ahead of CBA negotiations, particularly the whole issue of wages relative to revenue compared to other leagues. The Daily Mail continues with separate charts on attendance table and consumer cost which are also worth the time.

Roberto Mancini replaces Walter Mazzarri at Inter - Speaking of partner club news, Inter Milan sacks their manager, one Serie A longtime figure, replacing him with a guy who helped them realized League titles and Coppa/Super Coppa trophies a decade ago.

Threatened at gun point, separated from his family and cut off from the outside world - defender Darren O'Dea recalls life in Ukraine | Daily Mail Online: There are fun things in this article, whether Toronto FC is now the 'Toronto Rangers' and his insights on MLS and his time at club level in Ukraine, that are worth your time.

Ottawa Senators Are Welcoming an N.H.L. Crowd in Soccer’s Image - It's kind of amazing to me how much hockey fans scoff at soccer when there are a bunch of shared bonds in varying degrees. This would appear to be one more.

Hector Martinez Medical/Family Fund by Corey Williams - GoFundMe: One of the members of the District Ultras supporters group is hurting. Go click through and give what you can.

What on earth happens in the last hour of ‘Interstellar’? | For The Win: Aside from it not living up to the great promise of the first two acts, there are a few questions you may be asking, some of which here, that could potentially lead to disappointment. Spoilers, of course.

So whatcha whatcha whatcha want?