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D.C. United to pick fourth in the Chivas USA dispersal draft

D.C. United may be able to pick up a useful player, picking fourth in the Chivas USA dispersal draft.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Soccer held its weighted draft this afternoon to determine the order of picks for the Chivas USA dispersal draft by picking envelopes. Despite having a lower chance than the non-playoff teams, D.C. United was picked into the fourth position, just behind FC Dallas, New York City FC, and Sporting Kansas City. The spots cannot be traded, so D.C. United will have to either pick or pass from that spot.

The obviously player who will be chosen early is Dan Kennedy, and D.C. United does not need him. Other players who might still be available to D.C. United when they pick include Marky Delgado, Andrew Jean-Baptiste, Thomas McNamara, or Marvin Chavez, plus others. Any player picked will still be eligible to be taken in the expansion draft, but I don't think that D.C. United would be too torn up about losing a player they picked in the dispersal draft over one of the players they had on their team all year long. Our friends at The Goat Parade have a full rundown of the players available, and our own Adam Taylor has been pining after Delgado for awhile now. My darkhorse pick for United would be McNamara, who looked good as a rookie before going down with a knee injury.

Anyone you would want to see D.C. United pick?