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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Mix knows that his mustache is bad and he should feel bad

Bobby Boswell needs some hangout plans, Mix Diskerud recognizes that he should never grow a mustache again, Tom King schedules U.S. Soccer friendlies, and Bayern Munich is a Superclub.

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, folks! And happy USMNT game day. The Yanks take on the Republic of Ireland in Dublin today (2:45 p.m. ET, ESPN2 and UniMas).

But first, your kicks of freedom!

Equalizer Soccer – Bailey to step down; NWSL seeks new commissioner
Please, everyone, don't all nominate me at once.

The world’s greatest international football rivalries – ranked and reviewed | Nick Miller and Nick Ames | Football | The Guardian
USA v. Mexico comes in at #8. Gotta say I thought the description of the rivalry didn't nearly cover it. No mention of dos a cero? Do you even go here?

DC United defender Bobby Boswell shows durability in standout season, "upset" over team's early playoff exit |
You guys, Boswell has an open social calendar right now, let's please plan a party for him. I'll bake something.

U.S. men's national team defender Geoff Cameron to make NBC broadcasting debut on Sunday - Planet Futbol -
For those of you who tune in to the EPL on weekends, let us know how Cameron fares.

Colombia friendly the latest step in the education of Mix Diskerud -
Mix on his horrendous 'stache: "I looked in the mirror, then I said, 'Oh my God, this does not look good.'" IT REALLY DOESN'T, MIX. YOU ARE KILLING ME.

Nominees Set for 2014 U.S. Soccer Male Athlete of the Year - U.S. Soccer
No word yet on the nominees for 2014 U.S. Soccer Hair of the Year, which U.S. Soccer would do if they had any sense/hired me. Anyway, who's got your vote—Beckerman, Bedoya, Dempsey, Howard, Fabian Johnson, or Jones?

Meet Tom King, one of USSF's most important people behind the scenes |
Everything you ever wanted to know about scheduling friendlies. Honestly, I'd never thought about it this much before, but this is an interesting look at how complicated it can be. Apparently you don't just call a team's federation and ask if they can meet you to play soccer.

U.S. Looking to Youth Programs to Close Development Gap | NY Times
"U.S. Soccer has engaged in discussions with a top international consulting firm that has done similar work with clubs in England's Premier League as well as Germany's national soccer federation." How the hell do you get this job? (Also, I will never not hate how the NYT insists on M.L.S. Nothing has ever looked so ridiculous. Nothing.)

FIFA’s lack of institutional integrity evident in its treatment of whistleblowers | Soccer Gods
FIFA gonna FIFA.

Inside the Superclubs: How Bayern Munich emerged as a world power - Planet Futbol -
Love this, can't wait to read the rest of the series. Obviously I'm a Bayern fan, so I'm pretty biased, but I've always thought the way Bayern is run is fascinating. Mia san mia.

Final thought: Why did it have to be a 'stache, Mix? Why couldn't it be a beard?