Buzzard Point Stadium Construction Photo Update

Hello everyone! While I'm 'new' to Black and Red United, I've been an SBNation member for years (primarily Viva El Birdos - the St. Louis Cardinals community) It just so happens that I've moved just a few blocks away from the new Buzzard Point stadium site and I'm a huge development nerd. I plan on posting semi-consistent updates of photos for everyone to see (hopefully so those of you who don't live in or near DC can follow along as well). Not sure if this will be a weekly or monthly post, but any and all feedback is welcome! So without further ado, here are the most interesting construction photos from today (along with a brief location description).

Looking West down S St SW from the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge. The stadium site is actually behind the current concrete mixing facility. Once steel eventually starts rising this view should become a great panorama of the overall site progress.

From the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge looking West down S St.

Looking South West from South Capitol & Potomac Ave.


Looking South down Half St SW from Potomac Ave. Just to the right would be the Eastern edge of the new fan plaza.


Looking SW from 1st St Sw & Potomac Ave. You can see that the site has been completely cleared of the existing structures and they have moved some dirt around. As of right now no excavation has begun.


Looking SE from 2nd St SW and R St SW. You can see that some utility work is underway; I'm unsure if this is related to the soccer stadium or the Pepco building also going up next door.


Looking NE from 2nd St and S St. You can see Nationals park off in the distance. The steel that you see to the left is the Pepco substation building and not part of the new stadium.


Looking directly East from 2nd St and S St across the site. Really shows how much they've cleared away.


And now looking SE from 2nd St and S St.


Bonus picture: Pepco has started putting up steel for their new substation building.


Once construction really gets going I'll have weekly updates. Until then I'll post more as major changes happen or if anything interesting can be seen.

Also, two links that may be of interest to those who haven't seen the progress in and near the new stadium site: JDLand and SWLQTC. Both have more in depth updates of the surrounding area development (for the record, I am not affiliated with either).

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