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D.C. United stadium, NASL, and playoff odds: Freedom Kicks for 22 September 2016

Soccer, go!

There's always a lot of soccer news to digest, and today is no different. Let's jump right in.

Buzzard Point Stadium Construction Photo Update - Black And Red United: For all the worryworts and naysayers out there, here is proof that there is actual, measurable work being doing towards a stadium at Buzzard Point. The city is fulfilling its site preparation obligations, with the land soon to be turned over to D.C. United for construction.

NASL may assume Strikers' financial obligations :: There was plenty of news about America's second division soccer league yesterday, starting off with the report that the league may have to take over the financial obligations of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. The Strikers have been paying players late, failing to pay vendors, and as of September 1st their owners just stop paying all bills altogether.

NASL: League faces shakeup as Ottawa, Tampa Bay face exits | That news was followed up by the bombshell from Brian Straus that Ottawa FC and the Tampa Bay Rowdies may leave NASL as soon as after this season. Both could be looking to the USL as a cheaper alternative, with Ottawa eyeing the Canadian Premier League when it starts.

NASL facing potential collapse as multiple clubs consider USL move | FourFourTwo: Finally, Paul Tenorio added that up to five clubs could be leaving NASL, and that doesn't include the potential collapse of the Strikers. All in all, it was a no good, very bad day for the NASL, and if even half of this stuff is true, it will be very difficult for the league to even field a competition next year.

Playoff Odds 2016 — American Soccer Analysis: According to American Soccer Analysis, D.C. United still has the best odds of the three teams battling for the last playoff spot, giving them a 50% chance of getting in.

SoccerAmerica - MLS Playoff Watch: Breaking down the Eastern Conference's battle of bubble teams 09/21/2016: Another look at the bubble of the MLS playoffs.

Major League Soccer hard for young talent but opportunities are there - ESPN FC: Young players are having a hard time breaking in throughout the league, and its not even just an MLS issue.

Ranking the 22 MLS logos for 2017 | FOX Sports: Good? D.C. United's logo is ranked very high. Bad? Montreal's logo is ranked #1 and Atlanta's logo gets praise. I think our rankings from early in the year are much more accurate.

That's all I've got. What's up?