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Wednesday Freedom Kicks: Run the jewels

Iceland not in FIFA 17, MLS trying to secure Christian Pulisic later, Ballon d'Or leaves FIFA and Yaya's agent and Pep Guardiola go at it. Wake's your Wednesday Freedom Kicks!

There will be no Viking Clap in FIFA 17
There will be no Viking Clap in FIFA 17
Lars Baron/Getty Images

What up world. It's Wednesday morning and it's a beautiful day filled with La Liga action and EFL Cup contests. But, before you sit down to prepare for the day while enjoying that cup of coffee, here's some news to get you started:

FIFA 17: Iceland team in ‘cash row' with game developers EA | BBC

The Viking Clap will not be featured in FIFA 17, as the darlings of Euro 2016 want more money from EA to grant them the rights. Come on EA, get this done. I want to be able to have USA-Iceland World Cup finals on my Xbox 360!

MLS is paving the way to sign Christian Pulisic (because they have to) | Fox Soccer

Major League Soccer has added Christian Pulisic to the Allocation Ranking List, so if he ever came back to MLS, he would be subject to the allocation order. This won't be needed anytime soon, though.

Hey, MLS: Nice tie | Washington Post

Ever think to yourself that it seems like 1 of every 3 MLS matches you watch end up as a draw? Well, statistically that's exactly what's happening this season in the league, as almost 1/3 of all matches have ended up deadlocked.

Ballon d'Or rules change as the top award splits from FIFA | Fox Soccer

Fun fact to use at cocktail parties now: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the only two players to ever win the FIFA Ballon d'Or. That award has disassociated from FIFA and there will be new rules going forward to determine the victor of soccer's world MVP award.

Toure's agent fires back at Guardiola, won't apologize | Pro Soccer Talk

The spat between Yaya Toure and Pep Guardiola at Manchester City is hitting fever pitch, with Pep declaring that Yaya will not play again for Man City until his agent apologizes for comments he made regarding Yaya Toure not making the team's UEFA Champions League roster.

Joey Barton under investigation for allegedly breaking betting rules | The Guardian

Joey Barton, who has been suspended for 3 weeks from Rangers for a training altercation, now is being investigated for betting heavily on Celtic to lose in their Champions League match against FC Barcelona last week. The Scottish FA's zero-tolerance policy on betting on soccer matches may add to Barton's time away from the club.

Alright, it's 7:00am and it's time to get the day started. Whatever you do today, you go out there and run the jewels. All of them. The comments section is now open for business!