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Have a look at D.C. United’s player ratings in FIFA 17

From Bill Hamid to Collin Martin, we look at the home team's ratings in the game

EA Sports releases FIFA 17 on Tuesday, September 27th, and the FIFA Ultimate Team player database is now available, showing ratings for every player in the game. It should come as no surprise that players like Sebastian Giovinco, David Villa, and Andrea Pirlo are the highest rated MLS players, but how do DCU’s players rate?

Best Overall Player


Bill Hamid’s 76 rating leads all D.C. players, with Marcelo Sarvas (73) in second, and the trio of Alvaro Saborio, Steve Birnbaum, and Luciano Acosta (71) tied for third. Hamid’s top two skills are his reflexes (79) and diving (77), while his positioning (70) leaves a little to be desired. One of his traits is that he’s injury prone, which may rankle some, but considering his recent history it’s fairly accurate.

Worst Overall Player(s)


It’s a tie! Sorry, Collin Martin and Jalen Robinson, but this is both of you. It’s a little bit harsh considering that they’ve gotten little time in a DCU shirt, but they get to split the infamy I guess. The ratings are the most harsh on Martin’s shooting, with an overall rating of 47 in that department, and within that category he’s the worst at long shots (43) and penalties (43.) He’s deficient in defending as well, but what do you expect out of an attacking midfield player? For Robinson, his shooting (28) is particularly bad, but his overall dribbling (40) seems harshly low, with a ball control rating of 37.

Paciest Player


Pace is a meshing of a player’s sprint speed and acceleration, and Kennedy Igboananike’s 90 pace just edges Luciano Acosta’s 87, and both Patrick Nyarko and Lamar Neagle’s 85.

Most Feet-in-Cement Player


It’s ironic that Bobby "Lightning" Boswell is the least pacey player by a good margin. He rates well overall compared to the rest of his United teammates, but the field player with the next lowest pace is Steve Birnbaum’s 54. It’s too bad for Boswell that there’s no Guts rating.

Most Undeserved Rating


ARE YOU SERIOUS? Andrea Mancini is ranked higher than guys like Rob Vincent and Julian Büscher? This is one of those situations in which the FIFA ratings makers shrugged. Mancini has 3-star skill moves and weak foot. Sure.

Most Unexpectedly Low Rating


For a player that’s been so important to the team, and for a player that was a good MLS player before he came here, Patrick Nyarko’s 66 rating, lower than Kofi Opare and Alhaji Kamara (67 each), seems low. I’m not suggesting that his rating should be much higher than it is, but relative to his teammates it’s lacking.

International Alumni Watch


As a bonus, here are a few former DCU guys who are now playing in other countries. Andy Najar may not be recent, but it’s nice to see what he’s become in the eyes of FIFA over the past few years.

Those are just a few of the highlights. Have a look at the ratings yourself. Do you think the players are properly rated? Who should be higher, or lower?