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Freedom Kicks in Honor of the Presidents

Happy Washington's Birthday/Lincoln's Birthday/Presidents' Day. In honor of the residents-in-chief of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, let's take a tour around the world of soccer.

Mark Wilson

Like all Americans, we are celebrating Presidents' Day (aka Washington's Birthday) here at Black and Red United. Hopefully you have the day off to celebrate, dig out from the snow, order your new D.C. United jersey, and gird yourself for the long 3+ month drought until the next federal holiday.

And now, let's take a look at some of the best soccer content we came across on the internet this weekend.

Muerte O Gloria Film
Don't know how I missed this, but h/t to Brendanukkah for referencing this film which chronicles the rise of Barra Brava. If you haven't seen the film's trailer, definitely take time to watch it.

Davy Arnaud: 2014 Preseason Interview | D.C. United
Another interview of one of D.C. United's new players over at

Freddy Adu still holding out hope he can make US World Cup camp: "You never know" |
This interview alternates between self-reflective honesty and fantastical hope.

Julian Green reportedly chooses USA over Germany - Stars and Stripes FC
I've never seen Julian Green play, but I know the soccerati are really excited this Bayern Munich player is reported to have selected his father's homeland for his national affiliation. Good for us, his Dad is American.

ASN Infographics: What if Julian Green Committed to the USMNT?
So, for those of you who follow such things, how big a deal is it if Julian Green joins the USMNT? Can he make the squad in Brazil? As always, American Soccer Now has an interactive infographic for you to share your opinion.

World Cup: Budget shortfall means Porto Alegre may lose ability to host games |
This isn't looking good.

Report: FIFA “seriously” considering moving the 2022 World Cup away from Qatar | ProSoccerTalk
More news from a German newspaper. This time, reports are there may be rumblings within FIFA to move the World Cup before it's too late.

Jose Mourinho enters feud with Wenger: "He’s a specialist in failure. I’m not" | ProSoccerTalk
A true verbal smackdown is taking place across the pond. More on the feud from ProSoccerTalk.

Manchester City to expand Etihad Stadium -
In stadium news not involving buzzards or a certain point, Manchester City is set to expand the Etihad.

How a group of fans created Nashville FC, a supporter-owned club in Music City | THE WORD |
Nice long-form article on the grassroots popularity of soccer around the United States. And yes, it isn't always about MLS.

Shakhtar Donetsk to honor the contract of Maicon despite death | ProSoccerTalk
Class. Pure class.

The comments section is open, and your thoughts are welcome as always this morning. What caught your attention this weekend in the world of soccer?