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22 Days till D.C. United: Chris Korb, fullback backup

Our countdown series continues as we reach jersey number 22: the small-socked one himself, Chris Korb.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to the signing of Christian, some of us had talked ourselves back into the notion of Chris Korb starting on the left side of defense. Left back was his position at Akron, and it was as a left back that he put together his best play when he took over for Daniel Woolard for the last three months of the 2012 season. It was not the ideal situation, but it was something with which we could deal.

However, the signing of Christian puts Chris Korb back into the spot in which he started the 2012 season: on the bench, hungry for minutes and trying to prove himself better than either of the other fullbacks. He will see time in the US Open Cup, in and around the CONCACAF Champions League, and when Christian and Sean Franklin are serving suspensions for yellow card accumulation or get injured. When he gets his chances, I think he will be eager and ready to prove what he can bring.

As a backup fullback last year, after he was recalled from Richmond, Taylor Kemp got some looks as a left midfielder, due to the lack of options there. This year, Ben Olsen can either move Sean Franklin forward and put Chris Korb in at right back, or put Korb himself in a midfield position to utilize his speed. Is there any interest in seeing some late game Korb-speed in midfield, or would you all prefer the previously-seen (and far more likely) late game move of Sean Franklin up?