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Drew Yates joins United on trial

Drew Yates, via <a href=""></a>
Drew Yates, via

And of course I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to write a full story about a new Terp in town!

Its not like I particularly enjoy this new trend by Onalfo of picking up players who have been cast off by other MLS Clubs.  First we signed Adam Cristman and Kurt Morsink, who were both role players in Kansas City.  And now we have two young players in camp in Daniel Woolard and Drew Yates who were previously a part of the Chicago organization and may be competing with each other for the final roster spot.

Drew Yates grew up in Severna Park, MD, went to high school at Dematha, and went to college at Maryland.  This local kid played in every single match at Maryland from 2006-2009, so its only fitting that he would get his best chance to play professionally in DC.  Seeing time as a forward and an attacking midfielder in college, Yates totalled 14 goals and 13 assists in his career at Maryland, and played with some future professionals in Chris Seitz, Omar Gonzalez, Stephen King, and of course Rodney Wallace.

I like Yates's chances of making the roster in a developmental role.  We are currently carrying only four forwards into the season, so it should not surprise anyone that the team is looking to add one more young attacker.

But I'm still trying to figure out what exactly this means for the other trialists currently with United in Carolina.

Goff is reporting that John DiRaimondo and Brandon Barklage seem likely to earn senior roster contracts after having impressive preseasons.  And while loyal readers will know that I've been singing Barklage's praises and have high hopes for him, I'm not as sure about DiRaimondo as a senior roster player.  After appearing in only 45 minutes all of last season, he would seem more likely to be a candidate for the developmental roster again.  But Goff has been doing this whole soccer journalism thing for much longer than me, so I digress.

Assuming Barklage makes the senior roster, that Woolard is sent packing, that Marc Burch will start the season on injured reserve, and that Juan Manuel Pena will make the team, we're already at 21 senior roster players.  Lawson Vaughn and Tiyi Shipalane continue to be the two players currently on the roster who are most in danger of losing their jobs.