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Peace out Christian Gomez

Gomez waves goodbye, via <a href=""></a>
Gomez waves goodbye, via

For three and a half years, Christian Gomez was all you could ask for in a #10.  From 2005-2007, Gomez averaged 11.66 goals and 9.66 assists per season.  His MVP award in 2006 was well-deserved after scoring 14 goals, adding 11 assists, and carrying DC United to their first of two straight Supporters' Shields.  With 45 career goals with DC, Christian Gomez is United's second all-time leading scorer (just 1 ahead of Raul Diaz Arce, and 86 behind Jaime Moreno).

It's unfortunate for Gomez though that his legend didn't end in 2007.  Because those three plus years that included three major trophies were spectacular.  His single season in Colorado in 2008 and his return to DC in 2009 saw a significant decline in Christian's skills.  Being a defensive liability was never quite that big a deal in the past because Gomez made up for it with speed and vision.  Still, his 6 goals for United in 2009 had him as the third most productive player on the team.

Many thought that our original #10 Marco Etcheverry could never be replaced.  In reality though, it took just under a year for the team to find its new central attacking midfielder.  I'm hoping it takes no longer for us to find our next one.  And I'm hoping that whoever it is will be able to live up to the Etcheverry/Gomez tradition.

Please feel free to share your favorite memories of Christian Gomez in the comments.