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Baltimore United gaining traction

Craig Stouffer from the Washington Examiner wrote a must-read article today on his conversations with Kevin Payne regarding a soccer stadium in DC or Baltimore.  The impression that Payne is giving is that this is now an even contest between the two cities.


If the US is awarded either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup on December 2, 2009, the USSF will begin to narrow down the list of cities that will host matches from 18 to 12.  It's expected that Baltimore and DC will not both be included on that final list.  So maybe whichever city shows more of an effort to the USSF will also wind up with the United franchise as part of the package.  If "effort" will be the deciding factor, I don't have high hopes for DC.  Not at all.  Not with Fenty in charge.

Match Fit USA rattles off another idea about how the Redskins could even play a role in this situation.  If the 'Skins do indeed seek to move back into the District, a new stadium for DC United could share some land with the Redskins, and it could all be done before 2022.

So is this real news?  Or just more zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?