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D.C. United's Pursuit(?) of Antonio Nocerino: Day 3

More on what we know, what's transpired, etc.

There were some crazy unaccompanied rumors about D.C. United's attempts to try and sign Italy (and AC Milan) midfielder Antonio Nocerino when we tried to put things together Thursday, so we figured we would try and put more things together in one place for you to look at.

So another meeting between Team Nocerino and United's Managing General Partner Jason Levien and General Manager Dave Kasper occurred on Friday and, while the teams were allegedly far apart on money, Spain's Getafe and MLS side Orlando City continued to express interest (and to reiterate, as of this past Tuesday, OCSC would have to bump Bryan Rochez or Carlos Vivas from a Designated Player spot to accommodate Nocerino).

Adding onto the MLS talk, this, attributed to Milan's Executive Director Adriano Galliani:

Then, less than an hour later, this tweet from a Spanish reporter:

The tl;dr version? DC's offer is better than Getafe's, though Nocerino prefers to stay in Europe.

And then last night, word that Nocerino has turned down D.C.'s offer and may be headed to OCSC, but Getafe are still in play. Then this morning:

At this point, Nocerino could be offered to Handsome Boys SC or Portman Kunis United and I wouldn't bat an eye. But the overall moral to this story should be always to remain zen, because anything that happens would be a pleasant surprise.