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D.C. United interested in Georgios Samaras

Another international name comes up on the radar.

Steve Goff introduced an intriguing name that D.C. United may be considering:

Samaras turns 31 next month, and the 6 foot 4 Greece international has had tours with Scotland side Celtic and England's Manchester City, and most recently played at West Bromwich Albion. Unfortunately for Samaras, he left the club via mutual consent last July with a year left on his contract. Since then, he has been attached to the NASL New York Cosmos and Italy club Sampdoriaeach of whom have cited problems with Samaras' back as the reasons they didn't sign him.

While the prospect of Samaras coming to D.C. is somewhat fascinating, a target forward with what appears to be an existing back problem is something that should send up at least one red flag, to say nothing of the logistical hurdles to clear to get another international player on the roster for a squad that has a bunch already there and/or on trial for prospective positions. Buyer beware and such.