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D.C. United's pursuit of Antonio Nocerino: Day 2

We round up what we know, or think we know at least.

With yesterday's news that D.C. United General Manager Dave Kasper and Managing General Partner Jason Levien were going to Milan to meet with former Italy national team player and AC Milan midfielder Antonio Nocerino, we figured we would keep tabs on how things progressed.

First off, according to Sky Italy's Gianluca Di Marzio, not only did Kasper (and presumably Levien) check out Nocerino at practice, but the two sides met, yay! Nocerino's wife and agent were in attendance to boot. DiMarzio says that Orlando City may be in the mix, but Nocerino would almost certainly take up a Designated Player spot. Orlando currently has Kaka, Bryan Rochez and Carlos Rivas taking those spots, so some financial juggling would have to occur to free that 3rd spot up.

Now here's where things get a little tricky. D.C. is rumored to have offered a 2-year deal (which would put the deal expiring just before the new stadium opens), and one of Nocerino's agents (Marco Sommella) apparently said on Sky that Nocerino to DC is a done deal, and that they have '...withdrawn/resolved their reservations.' Another one of Nocerino's agents (Alessandro Moggi) puts the chances of Nocerino leaving at 90%, but not mentioning where, and also mentioning that Spanish side Getafe may still be in play for the midfielder.

Levien and Kasper are traveling to a couple of other countries after this meeting, and what they come back to the US with is of high interest, so we'll continue to watch who, how many, etc.