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Filibuster podcast episode 168: More cats than umlauts

We have actual soccer to talk about!

There is actual soccer on the field to talk about and Filibuster is here to talk about it. Jason, Adam, and Ben start first with the US Men's National Team's 3-2 over Iceland, and specifically concentrate on Steve Birnbaum's performance. We talk about the second Iceland goal, in which he was the closest defender, but also talk about his two headers that produced an assist and a goal.

When then move into D.C. United's preseason and talk about the five man midfield Ben Olsen used for most of the first match. We talk about how there is chaos in that midfield with the sheer number of central midfielders and talk about if Collin Martin could force the team to use a #10. We then talk rumors: Leonardo Gil, Antonio Nocerino, and what recompense D.C. United should require if Orlando City is to get Nocerino.

Finally, we talk about the trade for Marcelo Sarvas and hope that the possible move for Georgios Samaras is just a rumor. Give it a listen!

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