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New D.C. United jersey leaks, but there's a problem

It looks good, but...

Following the first glimpse of D.C. United's home jersey in December, followed by a larger image of it coming out after Christmas, Brian Straus over at Sports Illustrated has images of what appears to be the complete and official home jersey that United will formally unveil Saturday at their Season Ticket Holder event. Feel free to click through and check them out.

First off, the "Taxation Without Representation" neck tape appears to have been cut in such a way so that it says "Without Representation Taxation," which, well, isn't a nice look. That's something Adidas can repair at their manufacturing facility (we hope?).

That aside, it looks like a great jersey, with the District on the jock tag...

...and the back neck tape having the silhouettes of the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, the Washington Monument, and the Capitol. The sublimated hoops and torso striping we saw in previous photos is confirmed (the latter looking fairly prominent, and also red instead of white), but overall, it looks really nice. Neck tape optics aside, this feels like one of the better shirts while also immersing itself in things District-related, though personal opinion and all.

But enough of my blathering, what do you think?