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United Abroad: Alumni News & Notes for September 2013

Freddy Adu earns his first start, Boskovic gets benched, and Luciano Emilio returns to the DMV to start his own academy.

Andy Najar heading a ball vs RSL in 2011
Andy Najar heading a ball vs RSL in 2011
Mitchell Layton

It has been another depressing month for our Black-and-Red squad, but the USOC final is just around the corner. To take your mind off the club record tying twenty losses, here are some news and notes from some former DCU players.

MD: Luciano Emilio opens football school | | El Tiempo Latino | News from Washington DC

Luciano Emilio spent four years as striker for D.C. United. In his first season (2007) he was awarded with the Golden Boot for a league-high twenty goals and he also took home the league's MVP award. Emilio left the team after the 2009 season, returned for a short stint in 2010, and left again. But, he has returned to the DMV area to start his own football academy. The academy itself will be based out of Silver Spring, Md. Emilo hopes it can serve as an academy for a professional team soon saying,

"We've talked with people from DC United to see if my school can be an affiliate of the Academy Club or any other team in Major League Soccer. The idea is to still be able to serve in the future as a source of talent for the professional league, "

The article also states that Emilio also expressed interest in returning to MLS in 2014...

The Brazilian striker, who dreams of returning to MLS in 2014 at a good level, scheduled a free football clinic for the opening day of their academy, perhaps to be putting himself in a position to restart your way in the search for a team in MLS.

"If I start the season in January with a team I will have time to get right to what is the next season of the MLS. I wish and have the opportunity to do so," he said.

Emilo is currently under contract with C.D. Olimpia out of Honduras. Last month when Emilio was here, Steven Goff of the Washington Post sat down with the former MVP for an interview.

Facundo Erpen considered unworthy to see the Atlas in the last places - Univision Futbol

The ever-so-quotable Facundo Erpen is speaking out again, and once again he is disappointed in his club's play. In a recent interview Erpen said,

"You always want to improve results, statistics, scores, last tournament did 32 points, wanted to do more, we are reaching ten dates, where we only have six points, there are still 21 points to play, we will not reach those 32, because it is impossible, but we know that the team has tried, but the results have been given for making little mistakes that we have come expensive. There is still a margin of points ahead, we want to add as many as possible to get out of last place, because the truth is not worth seeing your team down there."

So, there's that... Atlas is 0-7-4 this season, two spots from last place.

American Exports: Freddy Adu finally gets his first start in Brazil |

In last month's edition of "United Abroad", I wrote about Freddy Adu being upset about not appearing in Bahia's 18 and he took to Twitter to express his frustrations. Several days later, Adu earned his first start as he played 70 minutes in a 0-0 draw with Portuguesa.

Adu also gave his expert analysis on the Redskins this upcoming season...

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>My redskins are not looking great this year. Still holding out hope but right now not looking good.</p>&mdash; Freddy Adu (@FreddyAdu) <a href="">September 15, 2013</a></blockquote>

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Boyd: 'Maybe we should bring back Krankl' - Bundesliga -

Branko Boskovic was recently benched in favor of his younger teammates. The article reads,

Due to the failures of Branko Boskovic and Steffen Hofmann of Rapid coach sent a very young starting on the field of Hanappi stadium. 23.18 years was the average age.

"Right now missing some key players, it shows sometimes. But the boys show that is to be reckoned with," said Barisic.

Rapid Wien has struggled this season with a record of 4-3-2 (I'd love for DC United to be 4-3-2) and USMNT and Rapid Wien forward Terrance Boyd joked that the team should bring back Hans Krankl. Yes, the same Hans Krankl that played for Rapid Wien and FC Barcelona in the 70's and 80's. He last played in 1989 and last coached in 2005 for Austria's national team.

WC qualifying - Group E preview | Orange UK

Albanian forward Hamdi Salihi is still optimistic about his country's chances in qualifying for the world cup saying,

"We are in a good position now. There is a gap between us and Switzerland, but there are still four matches to go so we have chances of overtaking them and taking first place.

"Even if we fail, we can stick to the current position and try to qualify as the best second-placed finishers."

Currently, Albania is in fifth place in their group with 10 points. But, as Salihi said there are still four matches to go to close the gap with leading Switzerland. Albania will play their next match against the Swiss on November 10th.

With the USOC Final approaching against Real Salt Lake, I thought that now would be a great time to jump in the time machine and watch what happened the last time we faced RSL in USOC play...

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Thanks, Andy Najar.

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