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Fantasy Focus: Carlyle Grand

There's a four way tie for highest scoring player this week, and we have a new league leader.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

A score of 84 points, scored by PDX Hoosiers, set the pace this week. Federico Higuain (CLB, $9.5M) led the way, with an armband-assisted 20 points, aided by a goal. Rodney Wallace (POR, $5.6M) assisted on a goal and earned a clean sheet on the way to 11 points, and both Camilo (VAN, $8.5M) and Javier Morales (RSL, $9.5M) scored 10 points, Camilo with 2 goals, and Morales with 1. cvIMPACT is the new overall leader.

Positional Leaders


Vancouver's David Ousted ($4.5M) earned a clean sheet on the way to 11 points and the positional lead. Matt Lampson (CLB, $4.0M) and Bill Hamid (DCU, $4.8M) scored 9 points each. Hamid saved a penalty.


Carlyle Mitchell (VAN, $4.2M) led all defenders with 12 points, tallying a clean sheet, an assist, and a pun that you'll probably only get if you live in Northern Virginia or DC. Rodney Wallace's 11 points were good for 2nd, and Lee Young Pyo (VAN, $5.3M) scored 10 points for 3rd. Just three DCU defenders scored points this week, and each scored just 2 of them -- James Riley ($4.5M), Ethan White ($4.2M), and Dejan Jakovic ($5.2M). Chris Korb played but scored no points.


Houston's Boniek Garcia ($8.1M) led with 12 points, coming primarily from his 2 goals. Teammate Giles Barnes ($6.6M) scored 11 points. Three players tied for 3rd with 10 points -- Tony Tchani (CLB, $5.5M), Juninho (LA, $8.0M) and the aforementioned Morales. An astounding 8 D.C. midfielders scored this week, though it helps when you start the game with 6 of them on the field. Perry Kitchen ($5.5M) and John Thorrington ($5.3M) tied for the team lead with 3 points. Each of Chris Pontius ($8.1M), Dwayne De Rosario ($9.3M), and Luis Silva ($6.9M) scored 2 points, and Nick DeLeon ($7.4M), LEWIS NEAL LEWIS NEAL ($5.2M), and Kyle Porter $4.7M) showed up with 1 point.


Steven Lenhart (SJ, $8.2M) and CJ Sapong (SKC, $8.4M) each scored twice to score 12 points and tie for the positional lead. Will Bruin (HOU, $8.6M) scored 11 points for third. Conor Doyle ($6.5M) again was the only DCU forward to register points, with just 1.

Looking Ahead

Colorado's on bye this week, and everyone else plays once. Games start on Friday, September 27th, so like this past week you have one less day to make your changes. Our intrepid men in black and red journey north of the border to face Toronto on Saturday, so naturally I'd recommend Joe Bendik ($4.5M) in goal, as the DC attack is more inept than Toronto's. In defense, have a look at Steven Beitashour (SJ, $5.2M), who's scored 36 points in the last 6 weeks, and San Jose is playing mostly impotent Chivas. Juninho (LA, $8.0) looks to accept a lot of the midfield burden away to Portland if Landon Donovan is out. At forward, maybe CJ Sapong is your man, as he's got 24 points in three weeks, and they host Philadelphia.