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D.C. United Player of the Month for September 2013 - POLL

A hectic end of September and start to October has delayed our monthly voting by a few days, but if the worst record in the league can't stop us for naming United's best performer from the last month, then a trophy (followed by a 3-0 smothering) certainly can't either.

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Even as October began with D.C. United lifting their 13th major trophy, September was a pretty grim month. The Black-and-Red failed to win a game and netted a single point - somewhat ironically, from a draw with the two-time defending MLS Cup and Supporters Shield champions, losing to our fellow cellar dwellers from Toronto and LA in the process. But, somebody has to be named the Player of the Month, so we soldier on.

Last month's winner was Conor Doyle, who ran away with 3/4 of the votes. Here's the updated list of winners this year.

Your nominees for September PotM are:

Chris Pontius: He got back on the field and looked dangerous, even scoring a goal. In September, that was enough to merit a nomination.

Perry Kitchen: Even if they weren't scoring goals, United managed to control the midfield in most of the four games they played in September. A lot of that is down to Kitchen, whose distribution and ball control has improved over the course of the season, despite the rotating cast of partners next to him.

Ethan White: He was the team's best defender, stepping in to help stop the bleeding (of goals) that has plagued the team all summer. He locked down a starting spot in September, and managed to help Dejan Jakovic be a little bit less bad, which is more than enough to get himself nominated.

Benuski's PBR: Throughout the month of September, anytime Benuski opened a PBR during a USMNT or D.C. United game, the good guys scored. That's probably a bigger on-field contribution to the Black-and-Red than anybody not already nominated here.

Vote for your pick in our poll, and let us know in the comments who you think should back into voted for and why.

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