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D.C. United Player of the Month for March 2013

Wake up wake up wake up... It's the first of the month, and at B&RU, that means it's time to pick D.C. United's best player from the last one.


We may be under new management here at B&RU, but like the Starks of Winterfell, ours are the Old Ways, and the monthly choosing of the best is an established tradition we're going to keep going. Keep your eye out later today for a new addition to our traditions, but for now, I'll leave you with the nominees for March Player of the Month:

Bill Hamid - Let's be honest; United's backstop is going to win this month's contest in a walk. He's been among the best goalkeepers - hell, the best players at any position - in all of MLS this year, and he's the biggest reason D.C. United have only allowed four goals in as many games.

Dejan Jakovic - He's been the Black-and-Red's best defender through the young season, and his absence for international duty against the Crew was sorely noted. Jakovic has improved his consistency by leaps and bounds over the last year or so and has learned to use his elite speed and his tackling ability at a high level on the regular.

Perry Kitchen - Also known as the capital club's only healthy natural central midfielder. But don't let that diminish Kitchen's progress as he's grown into the holding midfielder-slash-field general role. He came back from the offseason a beast - not disimilar to Hamid's offseason maturation a couple years back - and has focused on positioning and joining the attack on the field this year. He hasn't reached the pinnacle yet, and he's not done growing as a player, but he's damn good as it stands.

... and that's it. With only two goals scored in the four games, I'm not putting any attackers in the list, midfielders included. John Thorrington played a hell of a game against Real Salt Lake, but his injury and absence from the subsequent two games. Rafael Gladiador may well find himself onto this list next month, but having only played one game in March, including him here would be premature. Dwayne De Rosario managed to tie the team lead in shots and set the mark for shots on goal in his two games, but he has yet to find the scoresheet and I'm still harboring some bitterness for his insanity in getting himself suspended for the first two games of the year (more on that later).

Only three nominees this month, but the decision still has to be me made. Vote in our poll and have your say in the comments.