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D.C. United Player of the Month for April 2013

In which we try to find somebody, anybody, who did something right in a month where everything went wrong.


With no D.C. United match to get ready for this weekend, let's take this lovely Friday and brood a little bit. And that's exactly what I expect the reaction to be to what is normally a more joyous feature here at B&RU, the Player of the Month poll. But in a month where United earned zero standings points, scored only half a goal per game while allowing an average of two goals against each time out, joy isn't something that we have much of at the moment.

So let's look at the nominees for this month.

Perry Kitchen - United's third-year defensive midfielder has been a beast this year, and is working more attacking forays into his game. Thanks to his efforts on both sides of the ball, and his potentially budding partnership with Raphael Augusto (and going behind criminally early in games), the Black-and-Red actually controlled more possession and created more chances in the second half of the month than in the first month-and-a-half combined. Oh, and he scored a goal and had another disallowed for a phantom foul, making him one of our most dangerous scorers. Which brings us to...

Lionard Pajoy - In a month where United only scored twice, both goalscorers are going to get nominated for this award, if only by default. So there you go.

Casey Townsend - He's played a total of zero minutes for D.C. United, but his opening month for the USL Pro cum United Reserves Richmond Kickers, in which he scored two goals and has generally looked dangerous, means he had a better month than virtually everybody in the first team.

The Twelfth Man - Even as United's fortunes haven't exactly been gilded, and while total attendance is below where everybody would like it, the supporters keep on bringing it. Like they always do. The Barra Brava and Screaming Eagles sections are the fullest in the stadium, and the District Ultras and La Norte bring some tifo every week, including a nod from Buzzfeed for their tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Tex.

So who gets your nod this month? Vote in the poll, and argue it out in the comments.