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D.C. United 2013 Season

MLS Statistical Analysis 6.0

Looking Back at 2013

DC Has New Players. They Have Stats. Let's Discuss

D.C. United is bringing on board several new players for 2014, and some of them show up on MLS seasonal and all-time rankings. Let's see who's on which list and what it all means for the Black-and-Red.

D.C. United Attendance: A Postscript on 2013

All the conditions were in place for D.C. United to have better home attendance in 2013. Then the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad season started.

Closing the Book on DCU's 2013 Regular Season

It's over. It's finally over. But like the historians of ancient Rome who documented the effects of Barbarians, lead pipes, and fiddle-induced fires, let's record the end of the 2013 regular season for time and all posterity.

The Last Word On The Last Loss Of 2013 (Finally!)

If we're being logical, the 2013 season has been over for D.C. United since, what, June? May maybe? Well now it is finally THANKFULLY actually over. Here is the very last word.

DCU 1-2 Houston - We're #1 (at being the worst)!

United couldn't stave off historic futility on Sunday afternoon, losing to secure the all-time record for fewest wins in an MLS season.

DCU vs. Houston: Season finale live thread

One last date at RFK Stadium for 2013.

This stream has:

DCU vs. Dynamo Match Center

D.C. United will play for the last time in the 2013 MLS season against the same team against whom they opened it: The Houston Dynamo.

Why DCU Almost Can't Help But Improve In 2014

As part of our You Be The GM series, it's time to take a look at the unprecedented list of benefits coming United's way for being so horrible in 2013.

Behind Enemy Lines w/ HOU site Dynamo Theory

It's nearly over, people. After Sunday's game at RFK Stadium, the 2013 season will be officially behind us. But, with that hurdle still to go, we swapped questions with our friends over at Dynamo Theory site to help us better understand the Orange.

DCU lineup vs. Houston Dynamo: Acceptance

D.C. United will play for the last time in the 2013 MLS season against the same team against whom they opened it: The Houston Dynamo.

The Last Word: DCU's Road to Nowhere Ends at SKC

While 2013 will go down as D.C. United's worst MLS season in history, their road performance this year has been even worse. And, that road campaign ended at a place and to a team that has many qualities we need to emulate.

SKC 1-0 DCU: KC lose incompetence battle, win game

The Sporks were marginally less incompetent than United. That's all one can say for this game. The suits at NBCSN aren't going to be pleased.

DCU @ SKC Preview, TV info & live thread

United can spoil the Sporks' chances at the Supporters' Shield tonight in Kansas City, but that could mean helping the Red Bulls. What to do, what to do...

This stream has:

DCU @ Sporks Match Center

It's the penultimate week of MLS play, and one team is seeking the Supporters' Shield, while the other is simply trying to make sure its wooden spoon isn't the biggest wooden spoon ever.

DCU @ SKC Preview: Behind Enemy Lines

As is our wont here around SB Nation, we exchanged a few questions with our Spork-worshiping sister site to help us preview Friday's penultimate game of the season for United.

DCU vs. SKC lineup: Finding details in despair

While this year has been a season of despair, there is still something for which these players can play. It could be a starting spot, a roster spot, or for the team to open the checkbook and sign them.

Opinion: Dave Kasper Should Not Be Retained

The guy who built United's current terrible roster is also returning to build United's next terrible roster.

The Last Word On United's New Formation Vs. Philly

Due mainly to injuries, United was forced into using a three-man back line in a 1-1 draw against the Union. It was an interesting look and one we might like to see more often next year. So long as we have three different defenders in the back.

DCU 1-1 Philly - Disappointment comes late

Regular season D.C. United took the first half off on Saturday night, and the Black-and-Red looked the better team as a result. But as the visiting Union threw numbers forward, the inevitable equalizer finally came.

DCU vs. Philly - Preview & Live Thread

One side will be playing for their playoff lives, and the other is expected to roll over and totally not play spoiler to one of the teams they dislike the most. Yeah, this one's totally going to go to script. Or, y'know, not.

Behind Enemy Lines w/ the Brotherly Game

Instead of exchanging questions today, the managing editor of SB Nation's DOOP site and I swapped stories about our respective teams.

DCU vs. Union lineup: Jigsaw puzzle

With Dejan Jakovic and John Thorrington rejoining the ranks of the injured, Ben Olsen will have a more interesting time figuring out a starting 11 against the Philadelphia Union.

Thorrington & Jakovic Done For 2013

Our two most injury-prone players are injured, throwing a wrench in Ben Olsen's plans to experiment with his team in these final games.

Vote for DCU's Goat of the Month for September

As great as lifting a trophy was to start October, the month of September was pretty bleak for D.C. United fans. Vote here for who will carry the lion's share of the blame for the failures of the ninth month of 2013.

Vote for DCU's Player of the Month for September

A hectic end of September and start to October has delayed our monthly voting by a few days, but if the worst record in the league can't stop us for naming United's best performer from the last month, then a trophy certainly won't.

The Last Word: DCU Can't Beat Johnson and the Fire

D.C. United is essentially playing preseason soccer looking toward 2014. So, it's not surprising the playoff-contending Chicago Fire won the game. What's surprising is that we still don't know how D.C. United players will be judged for 2014.

DCU 0-3 Fire: Regular season United is back

The first 25 minutes were entertaining, but then the regular season D.C. United reappeared and lost the game 3-0 against the Chicago Fire.

DCU vs. Chicago TV info, previews & live thread

With the Open Cup secured, the Black-and-Red return to the field for the first of their four final regular season games of 2013.

Setting the Stage for October: 2013's Final Act

The final act to this strange season is finally here. It's involved a silver cup and a wooden spoon, and it may yet mean spoiling our rivals' post-season plans. And, D.C. United is still chasing the ghost of Tampa Bay.

Behind Enemy Lines w/ Hot Time in Old Town

I'm with you guys. The season ended on Tuesday night in Sandy, Utah. But there are four pre-preseason games to play before MLS shuts down for the winter. (What are these "playoffs" you speak of?) The first of those comes Friday against the Fire.

DCU won a Cup, now let's update their SuperMagic #

D.C. United are champions again having won the US Open Cup. Amazingly, paradoxically, and unbelievably they may clinch the #1 pick in the MLS SuperDraft in the very same week. Let's see how likely this is to happen for the champions of US soccer.


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