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MLS Week 3 Open Thread - Rivalry Week is upon us

MLS is trying something new this week, scheduling a bunch of rivalry games all at once. TV partner NBC is going along with it, giving us a full day of American soccer to watch on Saturday, with a little bit extra on Sunday. Here's your place to talk about all of it.

Otto Greule Jr

We had such a good response to our Fantasy MLS/Non-DCU Open Thread last week that we decided to bring it back for MLS' first ever Rivalry Week. We've already got our Atlantic Cup GameThread for D.C. United's visit to the New York Red Bulls, but here's your place for all the other action. We've got Sporks and Fire. We've got Canadians and Canadiens. Intolerable Northwestern hipsters and interlable-r Northwestern hipsters. Plus a 2-1/2 hour whip-around show looking into a bunch of league games, all at once. It's basically Christmas in March for MLS fans, and this is your place to talk about all of it.

Let's start things off with a couple questions for you to answer in the comments. First: who do you consider D.C. United's biggest rival, outside of the Red Bulls? Second: what's your favorite MLS rivalry? Use whatever criteria you want - longevity, geography, quality, parity, whatever; just, what's your favorite.