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Andy Najar Transfer: D.C. United have rejected an offer from Anderlecht

We're still spotty on the details - including the amount involved - but Greg Seltzer is reporting that the Belgian champions have had an offer for Andy Najar rejected by D.C. United.

Ned Dishman

Greg Seltzer continues to earn his reputation as one of the best reporters involved with American soccer. He's got the latest update on what I think we can officially start calling the Andy Najar Transfer Saga:

I have now confirmed that Anderlecht did make an offer for Andy Najar, which was rejected by D.C. United. The Mauves could come back with another. I cannot, however, confirm the reported amount of the initial offer.

Also murky is what exactly this means. Was the rumored (and as of yet unconfirmed) $8 million offer the one that was rejected? (Let's assume no.) Is the $8 million offer (assuming it's legit) a second offer, responding to whatever offer we now know was rejected? It's tough - if not impossible - to say.

What we do know: Anderlecht wants our Andy, and they've put their money where their mouth is. Stay tuned, people - this ain't over yet.