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Michael Seaton to train with Inter Milan until the start of D.C. United's training camp

The first spoils of the relationship between D.C. United and Inter Milan have come, with Homegrown striker Michael Seaton going to Italy to train for a few weeks.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since D.C. United owner Erick Thohir bought a controlling stake in Inter Milan, fans have been waiting for any concrete fruits of that relationship. That day has finally come to pass, with Homegrown striker Michael Seaton heading to Italy to train with Inter's oldest academy team until the start of D.C. United's training camp at the end of this month.

While it is not yet the on-loan player that many of us hope for, training with one of the top teams in the world will be an invaluable experience for a young player like Seaton. To go from high school, to the Richmond Kickers, to D.C. United, to Inter Milan in the course of a single year is an impressive feat, and hopefully this will help continue and accelerate Seaton's development.

What is your hope for Seaton's performance this year, given this training move? I think I still want him to go to Richmond for at least part of the year and hopefully emulate what Dom Dwyer was able to do last year. What do you think?