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Marco Pappa to Major League Soccer rumors picking up steam; D.C. United and Montreal Impact are interested

Twitter rumors of Marco Pappa returning to MLS have begun to pick up steam, with D.C. United as the most common destination.

Larry French

We all know that the whims of Twitter rumors are fickle, often created by nothing to return into nothing. However, I feel obligated to tell you all that the rumors of Marco Pappa making his return to Major League Soccer have begun to accelerate, with D.C. United mentioned as the likely destination. That D.C. United is mentioned is obvious, since the team has the top spot in the allocation order, but the freshest rumors seem to suggest that United has at least reached out to Pappa to gauge his interest in a return to MLS and a stop in Washington.

The other part of the rumor is that the Montreal Impact are also interested in picking up Pappa; again, this makes sense because Frank Klopas, Pappa's former coach for the Chicago Fire, is now the head coach in Montreal. All in all, those rumors almost seem to make too much sense, as if the Twitter commentariat is linking Pappa to teams without and basis. And, to be fair, that is likely to be true. But the rumors are starting to pick up in intensity and specificity, reaching a critical mass for me to at least comment upon.